Fitness Is A Bridge

Where Do You Want Fitness To Take You?

Its a pretty simple question, yet its the kind of question that will baffle most. The idea of fitness can be interpreted so many different ways. It can have physical and emotional connections that are unique to each individual.

If you have been training for quite some time, ask yourself. “Where do I want Fitness to take me?” Even if you are new to it and pondering the thought of incorporating fitness into your life, ask yourself.

I hope this would lead to your personal goals and priorities. Your Purpose. Your Why.

I want Fitness to ..?

⇒ lead a healthier life

⇒ create productivity in my life

⇒ help me feel confident in my own skin

⇒ rekindle my athleticism

⇒ make me Look great naked

⇒ lead me to Achieve Greater in ANYTHING I do.

WOW, I like that last one. Achieve Greater, in anything I do. Does your fitness regiment fulfill you in that way? It is my hope that is does. If so, You are on the right track, stay the course and keep doing whatever you are doing.

The idea is that FITNESS is not the answer. Fitness is a BRIDGE to link you to where you ultimately want to go in life. Bridges are built to over come an obstacle in the way. To connect.

So, create a bridge to cross over that obstacle. a strong bridge. Indestructible in fact. It may be a long bridge or short one. Pay attention to the detail in how it is designed. The structural Integrity of the system. Enjoy your ride crossing it. It might not always be a smooth one but once you get to the other side you will feel accomplished, proud and adventurous enough to build another one to take you to the next place. When you look back at the places Your hard work has taken you, the overview of your life will be a beautiful road-map of learning experiences and achievements.


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