The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned as a OPEX Coach

I have been doing this ALL WRONG. ( for 6 years ) That is the first thing that came to mind after starting my OPEX CCP Education, literally in the first week. Personally, I was embarrassed about how many giant holes that were in my “Coaching Skills” in general and things I didn’t Know, thought I knew and things I discovered and still discovering. That is in no way discrediting all of my previous education, mentors and peers. My personal vision on how I approach clients to fitness and health changed. I have been using OPEX principles and their system for Professional Coaching for the past 17 months, while my background is CrossFit, I apply everything I’ve learned to the overall Longevity in any fitness regiment. I hope to have still impacted everyone I have coached. So here are the 3 most important things Ive learned thus far on my journey in Professional Coaching.

Listen to the Client. Seems extremely simple, but I was missing this aspect on a one to one level. It not that I didnt before, Im just more aware of how to listen. Everything starts off with a consultation, a introduction of each other, and a understanding of what is needed. A True North. It is so desperately needed to create a Lifestyle of longevity to get that person to where they want to ultimately be. As Coaches we like to hear ourselves talk, and often repeated over and over and over again and the client drifts further and further away. Stay connected by listening to what they have to say and take action as a coach to keep the client aligned. Assess the Client. I hit myself in the head every time I think back about what I was coaching. Assessment is DIFFERENT than a intro. Teaching movements should play a part in what the client can actually do. More importantly WHY I was coaching it? Was it needed, can this person even do this? Should they do it? Just because its there doesn’t give them the right to do it or you as the coach to give it to them. Assess your client properly and get as much data on them as possible. This is crucial in meeting the client where they are. Truly meeting them where they are, not guessing or just giving out a watered down version of something. Learn from The Client. You as the coach are not the only one shelling out knowledge. As you educate your client, they Learn and adapt to the principles and direction you give. They will react in a certain way. Learn from the clients personalized fitness you Rx’d them. What effects does it have on them? Good or bad or not even at all. This is called dose response. You know that feeling you get when something is too easy or way to hard, or just right. Did you noticed OPEX is always “Rx” for every single client. This allows your OPEX coach to hone in on your specific program. We Teach Learn Move Create. Its a beautiful endless cycle that Professional Coaches and Clients perpetually inhabit here at OPEX STL Central.

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