Which Is More important for your Longevity? Cardiovascular or Resistance Training?

Let me ask you. Will your mile or 5k mile or marathon time help you get your ass off the toilet as you get older?

No, because your knees/ hips might explode.

Heres another Question, will back Squatting your body weight x10 help you run around with your kids in the back yard as you get older?

No, because your heart might explode.

Well shit, Which is most important for longevity?

Here is MY answer. A Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen in the next YEAR. How are you gonna train? would you rather out run the zombies forever and they keep coming for you or be able to fight them off and kill them without them coming back. ” Stronger people are generally harder to kill” Mark Rippetoe

But Dubs I would run and Lift both so I can be “good” at everything. ok ok ok. Let say you are 65+ is running gonna benefit you getting away from the zombies. Um NO! LONGEVITY. You need to be STRONG AF. But my 65+ year old Avatar has been doing resistance training his whole life! Advantage him.

Strength is superior.

Lets break it down.

Blood and heart health can be achieved / improved through Food alone. Muscle Strength cannot, unless it is trained

Resistance training has a direct correlation with creating greater Bone density, Cardio does not.

Resistance Training has been know to “slow” ageing down, with out the break down of joint and tendons if done properly.

Proper sets and Rest in resistance trainig will translate to “cardio” improvement.

But Honestly, zombie apocalypse aside. Its a matter of your Priority and Function. What creates more Vitality for you right Now?? Thats YOUR answer.

As we get older ( Biological Age ) and the longer we have been working out ( Training Age ) we start to peak then fall as we reach our Maximal Physical Potential, then we hang on for dear life, but as we all know we cant stop Time.

As Human Beings it is Mandatory to Find Our Maximum Physical Potential. – are you doing that?

Ill leave you with this. When I am 70+ I want to lift my own ass off the toilet ( some else can wipe, haha ) and protect my grand-kids / family by kickstomping some MF’in Zombies. ( Please no zombies ) It is not in my peripheral at that point to run long distances. ( or short distances) when im 65+. Just have ultimate old man strength.


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