Fitness Rx and Medicine Rx, Doctors and Coaches, Hand in Hand

You listen to your Doctor that Rx ( prescribes ) medication or habits for your health. They collect charts and data that ultimately map out your longevity in internal health. Always studying it and upgrading treatments and progressive thoughts for your benefit. You have ONE Doctor ( primary ) that is your GO TO. You listen to them and TRUST them, with your LIFE, YES? Shouldn’t that be the same for your Fitness? ABSOLUTELY.

My thoughts on this are to ask yourself, who do you turn to for ALL your Physical and Fitness advice? One Coach, Two, three… maybe friends, the internet…etc.? Now, who do you turn to for all your Medical and Health advice? Please don’t say Google. Ideally One Doctor? Two , three? Typically ONE PRIMARY Doctor.

So Why wouldn’t you get ONE Coach to Rx your Fitness. A Coach you can build a relationship through, Competency, Consistency and Caring. Collaborating on your goals, collecting data and results, Physically challenging you, with ever changing programs that meet or go beyond your expectations and get the results you want. Longevity in Fitness.

The future of the Professional Coach is just as important as a Doctor, in my opinion. The benefit of properly Rx workouts for you , will create longevity and vitality for you injury free. Hopefully putting a halt to many visits to your Primary or outside specialist. ( check ups only) Not only the proper exercises create vitality but the way to CONNECT to Clients. Creating a lasting relationship with good beside manner that really resonates with YOU the client. The Professional Coach is always “On Call”. Are you getting that from your coach now? Are you getting that from your Doctor?

Do you have ONE coach that you know will absolutely have YOU in mind for Every Single Workout you are in the gym? You should. The majority of fitness activities are led in a manor were you are putting the physicality of YOUR Life in charge of someone that doesnt have YOU personally in mind everyday. Its just the truth. Does it work? sometimes, results can happen without a doubt. Does everybody want their own coach, probably not. Does everybody want randomness, mostly likely no, and that ok if you do. For example: That’s like a group of people who half of them have a cough and the other half do not, but EVERYONE has to comsume the same medicine to help the cough. Despite symptoms, previous illness, health issues, etc… How does that help the people with no cough? I am a HUGE advocate of Exercise and overall health in general. If it works for you by ALL MEANS continue. Im just asking you to compare the advice and expertise of medical health ( Doctors ) to that of the help and expertise of your fitness health. (Coach) Two different fields, but Professional none the less.

NOW imagine if YOU, your doctor and your coach teamed up for the ultimate plan in your Life. WOW.

At OPEX the investment of Your Fitness is for the long haul with the intent of getting you to where you want to go and giving the Rx to get there. Achieve Greater, Connect to your Fitness. Find a coach that will invest in YOU.

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