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  • The Coach's Oath

    The Coach's Oath

    I have really bad cursive ( shown above ) its not even a thing anymore. just joking I used Canva to create that. Anyways... Share this with your personal trainer or coach. Share this with your friend who is a coach or personal trainer. If you're a personal trainer give it to your coach to read. All these attributes make up a coach. We all have stronger points than others, however it is important to know them. We can be humbled by them and must put them in practice. My education via OPEX Fitness and personal mentor-ship with James Fitzgerald 2007 CrossFit Games Champion has expanded my mind beyond program design and movement in what it truly means to be a coach. The ....

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  • Primal is Sexy, Check out these Primal MAP 10 personal training sessions

    Primal is Sexy, Check out these Primal MAP 10 personal training sessions

    Primal is described in the dictionary as very basic and powerful . Very basic. How is that sexy? Powerful, ok moving towards sex appeal. Hear me out. What type of “primal” are we talking about? Movement patterns not mating positions. ( another blog perhaps ) What is a primal movement ? Holds, Drag Carry, maybe a push and pull too. My hunch is that we disassociate ourselves with those patterns to do sexier compound treasure map movement because we lose our attention to easily with basic anymore. We get bored and dont think long term. A treasure MAP of fitness is just way more fun than one single modality, Ill be the first to admit.I'll also be the first to admit ....

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  • Gyms Near Me - How to decide

    Gyms Near Me - How to decide

    When I was at a pivotal point in my life as a gym owner with what I really wanted to do as a coach I asked myself, what is the difference between all the gyms around me? More importantly, how can I stand out from the saturated system? So I did what everyone does, I asked google. Jkjk, I actually googled “Gyms Near Me”. Personally, I found out I can separate myself by education, to be a better Coach. Business wise, I needed to find a service I aligned with. How can I deliver this in the most beneficial way to be fulfilling for me and my clients? I believe you know the answer to that. When you google “gyms near me” everything I read online, says 5 ....

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  • Scaling Is A Crime

    Scaling Is A Crime

    There I said it. Its been bugging me. So ya know what, I dont rant about COVID and I really do know alot about this, so before you go and cancel culture me, or just simply stop reading “( which , you might want to) this statement took me 10 years to realize. Give it a read please. From Group Crossfit, to Personal Training, to OPEX Individual design in Maplewood MO. There is only one time, when scaling is acceptable in workouts, but Ill save that till the end. Let me explain. If you are new to the fitness world, the word “scaling” came from the functional fitness methodology. Basically is means whatever the workout is and you CANT do a movement or ....

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  • Is the 75 HARD Challenge right for you?

    Is the 75 HARD Challenge right for you?

    Is the 75 HARD Challenge right for you? Yo! I'm about to go Jillian Michals vs CF for this blog. Well, not really I wont tell you yes or no to doing this. These are my questions I ask myself in deciding if this is a challenge for me. Right off the bat, it's not for me personally. But this isn't about me, it's about YOU! In the past week I have had 3-5 friends ask me about it. In case you don't know what its all about, 75 days of: Follow a diet. - no booze, no “cheat meals” Work out twice a day for at least 45 minutes. Drink 4 liters of water per day. - 135 ounces a day Read 10 pages of nonfiction a day. Take a five-minute cold shower. Take progress photos every day. ....

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  • Never Lose Focus

    I love the sound of that. It's simple, yet strong and very hard to live by. How many things do you focus on a day? It's probably too many. We are so busy in that aspect that we lose focus on our overall priorities. We can all raise our arms up in the air and be like, "That's life. I can't do anything about it." Hmmm. Really, though? Do the things you focus on serve a purpose? Your purpose or someone else? Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are focused on it and it gets done. Here are some tips to help you stay focused. 1
    . Hyperfocus in small time frames. - Time is precious to use it wisely. Avoid burnout with blocks of time. You have a short attention span anyways if you are reading ....

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  • Your Value Takes Time

    My coaching journey has been extensive. From starting at a CrossFit gym in 2010, expanding to personal training, and now operating my own OPEX gym; I finally understand my value and place in the fitness industry. Many, if not all, coaches like to supplement income with personal training. It's a must because most group class business models will not / cannot support staff monetarily. So, how do you formulate your value if you need to go this route? Disclaimer: This formulation is mainly based upon you believing in yourself. You MUST believe in yourself and have passion to succeed. It is my hope that in this blog, you will gain the ability to formulate your own value in time with the key ....

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  • No Free Rides

    My previous blog was the measure of success. So if you measure your success by money for example, why are you giving away your services for free? Money leaks, A new business term I just coin. The opposite in exercise is "energy leaks" anyway.... both are inefficient. So lets focus your measure on money, which is a direct correlation to your services. So why you giving away things for free? Is fitness so undervalued in America? In no other industry are you gonna get any other service free. Free home roof repairs? Never seen it Free furnace cleaning? Nah man Free Leaky faucet fixes? No way. Free taco? - only after that baseball team scores 6 runs on Wednesday But Free trials, Free classes, ....

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  • "Measure of Success" For Gym Owners

    As gym owners, we are never satisfied. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. So, how do you measure your own success within your gym? As a collective, gym owners are never satisfied with enough members, the right equipment, the way our gym operates, or the people you have. Even when we get the gym running smooth, we don't enjoy it for long. We always ask, "what's next?" It's not long after until we start to pick it apart to figure out what we can do better. It's just our nature, or at least mine. Ask anyone I coach on how often I would re-arrange or organize in a year. Even my former clients know that about me. What does that say about me, that I'm never complacent, I have OCD, or ....

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  • I CrossFit, so why OPEX?

    What’s up fitness freaks?! Mike Walerius here. I'm the owner of OPEX St Louis Central. Let me preface this with stating I love to CrossFit. It has changed my life. I still CrossFit. I just don't do it in a group model under an affiliate. As a coach, I believe in the group training model to certain degrees. I'm not completely against it. I love seeing people get after it together. Sometimes that is what people need and that is awesome. I started in a garage with .com wods, then went to Wellbridge and did Murph on a treadmill and Helen, and Diane against a pillar. Imagine the looks. John Seiler, you were there. I joined CrossFit St.Louis in 2008 and started coaching 2009. I CF for ....

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