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  • Never Lose Focus

    I love the sound of that. It's simple, yet strong and very hard to live by. How many things do you focus on a day? It's probably too many. We are so busy in that aspect that we lose focus on our overall priorities. We can all raise our arms up in the air and be like, "That's life. I can't do anything about it." Hmmm. Really, though? Do the things you focus on serve a purpose? Your purpose or someone else? Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are focused on it and it gets done. Here are some tips to help you stay focused. 1
    . Hyperfocus in small time frames. - Time is precious to use it wisely. Avoid burnout with blocks of time. You have a short attention span anyways if you are reading ....

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  • Your Value Takes Time

    My coaching journey has been extensive. From starting at a CrossFit gym in 2010, expanding to personal training, and now operating my own OPEX gym; I finally understand my value and place in the fitness industry. Many, if not all, coaches like to supplement income with personal training. It's a must because most group class business models will not / cannot support staff monetarily. So, how do you formulate your value if you need to go this route? Disclaimer: This formulation is mainly based upon you believing in yourself. You MUST believe in yourself and have passion to succeed. It is my hope that in this blog, you will gain the ability to formulate your own value in time with the key ....

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  • No Free Rides

    My previous blog was the measure of success. So if you measure your success by money for example, why are you giving away your services for free? Money leaks, A new business term I just coin. The opposite in exercise is "energy leaks" anyway.... both are inefficient. So lets focus your measure on money, which is a direct correlation to your services. So why you giving away things for free? Is fitness so undervalued in America? In no other industry are you gonna get any other service free. Free home roof repairs? Never seen it Free furnace cleaning? Nah man Free Leaky faucet fixes? No way. Free taco? - only after that baseball team scores 6 runs on Wednesday But Free trials, Free classes, ....

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  • "Measure of Success" For Gym Owners

    As gym owners, we are never satisfied. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. So, how do you measure your own success within your gym? As a collective, gym owners are never satisfied with enough members, the right equipment, the way our gym operates, or the people you have. Even when we get the gym running smooth, we don't enjoy it for long. We always ask, "what's next?" It's not long after until we start to pick it apart to figure out what we can do better. It's just our nature, or at least mine. Ask anyone I coach on how often I would re-arrange or organize in a year. Even my former clients know that about me. What does that say about me, that I'm never complacent, I have OCD, or ....

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  • I CrossFit, so why OPEX?

    What’s up fitness freaks?! Mike Walerius here. I'm the owner of OPEX St Louis Central. Let me preface this with stating I love to CrossFit. It has changed my life. I still CrossFit. I just don't do it in a group model under an affiliate. As a coach, I believe in the group training model to certain degrees. I'm not completely against it. I love seeing people get after it together. Sometimes that is what people need and that is awesome. I started in a garage with .com wods, then went to Wellbridge and did Murph on a treadmill and Helen, and Diane against a pillar. Imagine the looks. John Seiler, you were there. I joined CrossFit St.Louis in 2008 and started coaching 2009. I CF for ....

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  • Personal Training Revolutionized in St. Louis

    OPEX St. Louis Central solves two main problems in the fitness industry.
    High price per hour rates working one on one with a trainer.
    Group workouts that do not address your specific abilities or goals. Woah those are pretty big problems in the fitness industry. How do we solve these problems?
    By becoming professional coaches who create autonomy for clients. What does that even mean?
    Creating autonomy means you are paying less for the coach to watching over you with every move you make. Saving money on personal training. Prime Example, does your coach need to watch your strict press movement if your training age is over 2 years… probably not every rep on every set. ....

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    The client, the coach and the business: If you’re in the fitness industry, the hope is that all three can be successful. For this to happen, the client needs a solution to his/her problem—to get and stay fit and healthy. The coach needs job fulfillment and an opportunity to make a professional wage so he can have a long-term career in fitness. And the business needs clients and coaches to stick around in order to be profitable. None of this is possible if your gym is run by part-time group fitness instructors who are getting paid $20 an hour to run a class. This is only possible if coaches become professional fitness coaches. In the fourth article of this six-part series, ....

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  • Personalized Fitness in St. Louis!

    Welcome To Our New Website! We’re Proud To Serve St. Louis with Personalized Fitness!
    At OPEX Fitness, we are working hard to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our doors. And you could be next!
    We are offering St. Louis a hands-on approach to Personal Training. And you don’t need any prior experience to succeed! Come visit us at OPEX Fitness and see for yourself what makes us the best and ONLY Personalized Fitness facility in town. Just fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today!
    And don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+

    * ....

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  • Fitness Is A Bridge

    Where Do You Want Fitness To Take You? Its a pretty simple question, yet its the kind of question that will baffle most. The idea of fitness can be interpreted so many different ways. It can have physical and emotional connections that are unique to each individual. If you have been training for quite some time, ask yourself. “Where do I want Fitness to take me?” Even if you are new to it and pondering the thought of incorporating fitness into your life, ask yourself. I hope this would lead to your personal goals and priorities. Your Purpose. Your Why. I want Fitness to ..? ⇒ lead a healthier life ⇒ create productivity in my life ⇒ help me feel ....

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  • The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned as a OPEX Coach

    I have been doing this ALL WRONG. ( for 6 years ) That is the first thing that came to mind after starting my OPEX CCP Education, literally in the first week. Personally, I was embarrassed about how many giant holes that were in my “Coaching Skills” in general and things I didn’t Know, thought I knew and things I discovered and still discovering. That is in no way discrediting all of my previous education, mentors and peers. My personal vision on how I approach clients to fitness and health changed. I have been using OPEX principles and their system for Professional Coaching for the past 17 months, while my background is CrossFit, I apply everything I’ve learned to ....

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