OPEX St. Louis Central Success Stories

Personal Training Brentwood

Opex St. Louis Central is a unique place. I really enjoy the workouts that Mike writes for me because they are challenging yet accomplishable and are customized to my preferences. I also love the community of the other members. Highly recommend for any skill level.

Nate Sloan

Personal Training Brentwood

OPEX St. Louis Central’s personalized programming is unlike any other gym in St. Louis. Mike is the first coach/trainer that has ever taken an interest in talking to me about my goals (in and out of the gym), likes & dislikes about fitness and struggles I have had with my previous attempts to get in shape and lose weight. My workouts are tailored to my abilities and I am continually amazed with what I am able to do and I couldn’t do it without Mike’s continued motivation and encouragement.

Christina Pruett

Personal Training Brentwood

This place has changed my approach to fitness. Workouts are tailored to my wants and needs, no more nagging injuries, and coaches who are trained to help me reach MY goals, not the class goals. Has opened my eyes to a whole new level of potential within myself.

Justine Carlson

Personal Training Brentwood

Opex is exactly what I needed when Crossfit groups classes became stale. Mike knows my goals, plans my individualized workouts and nutrition to meet those goals, and pushes me to get more. And the numbers don't lie - numerous strength and time PR's since plateauing with other cross training.

Liam Ryan

Personal Training Brentwood

Opex St. Louis Central is by far one of the best gyms out there. The coaching and programming are second to none and everything is tailored to meet your individual goals. I've gotten so much stronger and I'm continually pushed in new ways to meet my fitness goals. Can't say enough good things about this place and the people!

Jaclyn Fisher Pollnow

Personal Training Brentwood

Awesome place to get fit. Mike is one of the best coaches out there and is willing to do whatever it takes to help you reach your individual fitness goals. The programming is top notch and is designed specifically for you. The results will keep you coming back for more and you will not be disappointed!

Brandon Tivis

Personal Training Brentwood

OPEX St. Louis provides personalized custom programs from committed knowledgeable coaches in a great facility. They will help you attain your fitness goals.

Steve Volke

Personal Training Brentwood

Whenever I tell my friends about OPEX the first question I get is “what is it”? Well that’s the best part about it. It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s catered to you and your goals. This is the first OPEX gym in MO so we are super pumped! The community here is super friendly and welcoming. You never have to worry about feeling insecure or being intimidated. You’re only competing against yourself!

Beth Deckelman

Personal Training Brentwood

I highly recommend OPEX! Mike is incredibly knowledgeable. I am a certified personal trainer, coach and yoga teacher and I know that Mike knows how to move and work the body. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a tour and an assessment. The location is super convenient and the environment is truly inspiring.

Anna Ortiz-Aragon

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